Professional Development Information

  • Curriculum Cycle

     Professional Learning is at the heart of effective teaching and learning. We seek to support the learning of our staff through grade level and district collaboration, in-house provided professional development, and attendance at outside professional seminars, conferences, meetings and collaboration around the region. The district maintains My Learning Plan to register and record professional development hours.

  • Highlights of our professional learning are:  

    Goal 1 -  Promote Student Achievement - Structure collaboration (teamwork) and PD to support student centered pedagogy.

    Curriculum - Professional learning in the Units of Study in Writing and Reading, and Full implementation of the NYS Next Gen Learning Standards in ELA and Math.

    Instruction - Student Learning is in three stages: encoding (getting information to students), storage (getting information to stick) and retrieval (getting information out to solidify and confirm deep learning).  Our teachers are experts in encoding and storage instructional strategies and work to perfect them through collaboration and professional learning.  Kagan seeks to give us effective, research-based structures to get students to retrieve what they've learned. It is through retrieval that students deepen and solidify their learning.  Research supports improvement to student learning when retrieval is a regular part of the instructional day.  

    Professional Learning associated with Goal 1:

    • Kagan Cooperative Learning
    • Reveal Math 

    Goal 2 - Nurture and Sustain School Community Culture - Enhance positive / leadership culture for the entire school community, including students, staff, parents and the Dansville Community. 

    Professional Development associated with Goal 2:

    • 7 Habit - Leader In MeContinued support of our 7 Habits program with ongoing coaching from the Covey organization. Integrating with Multi-tier system of support (MTSS) to address behavior expectations
    • Restorative Practices

    Goal 3 - Improve Safety and Training - Ensure the safety and security of staff through complete training in  Response to Emergency Situations and acts of violence.

    • We offer PD in house through grade level and dept group collaboration, instructional coaching, and PD delivered from outside professionals. We also offer a wealth of professional learning opportunities at BOCES and other organizations.