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    Summer 2020

    Hello from EBH! 

    Another school year has come to an end!  And what an ending it was!  We worked hard to keep some of our traditions in place.  We had Flag Day via video, our End of Year Slideshow was also shared with all students.  Certfiicates/awards were given out with report cards.  We also had a virtual "Moving Up" day so that students could meet their new teachers. This was fun for our students. We were able to see most of our students on June 15 when it was a time to come pick up personal belongings, gather report cards and certficates and drop off chromebooks.  The turn out was good and we will reach out to those families who still need to stop by.

    I also wanted to take a few moments to congratulate our retirees.  Mr. French and Mr. McMullin will be leaving us and we wish them all the best. They have meant so much to our students and were an important part of the EBH community.  Both of these men will be hard to replace.  They have big plans for their retirement and they deserve every minute of it!

    Summer school will be online this summer. We have invited a large number of students and they will take part in 1:1 tutoring sessions. They will be assigned a time for this tutoring and also complete assignments outside of the tutoring to keep their skills maintained over the summer. 

    The fall is still unknown and I know this can cause some anxiety and bring a lot of questions.  Will everyone have to wear masks?  How will we keep student separated on the bus and in the classroom?  Will specials look the same? Will it be online or in person?  So many questions.  We hope to get more clarity and guidance in the coming weeks and will certainly pass along details as we know them. 

    We continue to provide breakfast and lunch to families.  As was communicated by Dr. Alioto, people can come to the DCS campus or the GCC campus to grab food on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 7:00 and 10:00...or arrange to have meals delivered if you live outside of the village. Each delivery day brings 2 days worth of meals. We are fortunate to have a food service department and transportation department that will assist with this important service. We want our studens to have these important meals that they are used to getting each day in school. Please reach out for this support! 

    I am proud of all that the faculty of EBH has done and how they rose to the occasion of this closure.  They took care of the students and kept learning going! It was a lot different than our normal roles but they did it!

    As always - please contact our office if you have any questions. 

     Lisa Allen  


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