• Heather Paler serves as the 504 Coordinator while Janice Hamilton serves as the 504 Secretary. If anyone has questions regarding a plan and the services within them, they can contact Ms. Paler. If they are looking for a copy of their plan or to transfer information to another school, they can contact Ms. Hamilton. 

    Here is more information on the Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

    Heather Paler, 504 Coordinator/School Psychologist for the 7-12 Building

    (585)335-4010 ext. 1404 or palerh@dansvillecsd.org

    Janice Hamilton, 504 Secretary for the 7-12 Building

    (585)335-4010 ext. 1005 or hamiltonj@dansvillecsd.org