A. Absences

    The District believes that classroom participation is related to and affects a student's performance and grasp of a subject matter and, as such, is properly reflected in a student's final grade.

    There is no substitute for the loss of classroom instruction. You must attend all classes and study halls unless your absence is authorized.  Not only is daily attendance required by local policy and New York State Education Law, it is essential for the successful completion of your courses.


    A student's attendance record is as important as their academic record. All documentation for absences must be presented to the school within five (5) days after the absence has occurred.

    Attendance at school-sponsored events where instruction is substantially equivalent to the instruction which was missed shall be counted as the equivalent of regular attendance in class.

    All documentation for excused absences must be presented to the school within five (5) days after the absence has occurred. Failure to report an absence in seventy-two hours may result in an unexcused absence. An excuse signed by a parent does not necessarily mean the absence is legal.  New York State Education Law identifies a legal excuse as: 

    1. Medical appointment 

    2. Death in the family

    3. Religious observance

    4. Military recruitment appointment 

    5. Court appearance (subpoena required)

    6. Illness

    7. College visit 


    To assist school personnel and to keep parental work interruptions to a minimum, parents or guardians should contact the school by 9:00 a.m. if their child is absent from school.

    The district tracks students’ attendance as well as tardiness to school on a daily basis.  When a student has reached 5, 10, 15, and 20 days of being absent, a letter will be mailed home specifying the number of days and a request to develop a plan to improve attendance.

    Students of compulsory education age (as defined by New York State) who accumulate excessive absences may be referred to the Livingston County Judicial System. 

    For students who accumulate excessive legal absences, a doctor’s verification may be requested. Administrators may require a doctor’s verification if a student or group of students is suspected of truancy.  

    B. Make-up Work Policy

    1. Work for classes (including tests, class assignments, and all other work) missed because of absence must be made up. All work missed because of absence must be completed to the satisfaction of the teacher.

    2. Arrangements to make up work missed because of an absence must be made with the teacher on the day the student returns to school. It is the responsibility of the student to request and make up missed work. The student has one day to make up work without penalty for each day missed.

    3. Work due to be turned in (including projects, oral or written reports, homework, and all other work due on a certain date, with the exception of term paper assignments) and not turned in because of an absence will be due and accepted on the day the student returns to school.