• Primary School LEGO Robotics

    We are proud to announce we have started a PS LEGO Robotics Club at DPS. The purpose of having a LEGO Robotics program as well as other STEAM-related topics at the primary level is to allow our young learners to have an opportunity to grow as leaders in technology. The program will help foster student achievement with meaningful play experiences using a familiar toy (LEGOS) which is brought to life through coding. It will also give our students the opportunity to learn about coding, innovation, collaboration, critical thinking, and leadership and foster a desire to continue learning and growing in this important 21st-century field. This program will be the first step in getting our youngest learners interested in, and ready for the next level at EBH LEGO Robotics Club.

    We are registered with FIRST LEGO League Explore as part of the club and this gives early learners and their coaches the opportunity to work and create together while they explore science and technology concepts. With each season, they are challenged to research a real-world problem, then create a show-me poster and a working LEGO model of what they learned. 

    We currently have 2 teams and have had over 100 students sign up for the club. We could not include all students due to space and support. We will then run a Robotics/Tinker Club after the Showcase Event and rotate the groups every few weeks so all students may get a chance at the hands-on learning experience of the club.  

    More general information about the FIRST LEGO League Explore and showcase may be found here or you may contact Joie Petrillo at petrilloj@dansvillecsd.org or 585-335-4040 ext. 2132.