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  • Wolves

    Posted by Brooklyn Sabins on 1/22/2020



     By: Brooklyn Sabins

    There many kinds of wolves. Some wolves have green eyes and they run super fast!  The different kinds of wolves are alpha and omega. Wolves’ colors are red, orange, yellow, black, and brown. Most wolves are grey. Arctic wolves have white fur. Mostly omegas have grey fur.  Alphas mostly have orange fur. Wolves have very powerful jaws. Wolves use their teeth to hunt bite and eat. Did you know that wolves can almost as fast as a cheetah? Did you know that if a wolf did a race with a half cub cheetah the wolf would win!!!!! Hooray!!!! Did you know that a wolf is more powerful than a cheetah? Did you know wolves can hunt 10 animals a day? These are great facts about wolves.


    Brooklyn Wolves

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  • Wolves

    Posted by Dawson Cole Erbland on 1/22/2020


    By: Dawson Cole Erbland


    Wolves are predators. They eat deer fox and such as well they eat bobcats. Wolves have sharp teeth for their prey as coyotes do.  Wolves have brown fur like coyotes do. Did you know brown fur is common with predators? Did you know wolves can run as fast as a cheetah? Wolves run fast so they can catch their prey, not like turtles, they run slowly. Fun fact alpha and omega are ranks among wolves. There is a show about wolves it is called Alpha and Omega and it is a great show I say!

    Dawson wolf

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  • Save The Bluebirds

    Posted by Hunter Serio on 4/11/2019

    Save The Bluebirds

    By: Hunter Serio

    Where have all the Bluebirds gone? Well I am going to teach you. The Bluebird is our state bird in New York and they are disappearing. They are pretty birds and love to eat insects. Bluebirds love to bathe and play in heated backyard birdbaths. Houses for eastern bluebirds should have a hole opening of about 1 1/2 inches. Western Mountain bluebird houses should have a hole around 1 9/16 inches. Land has been cleared for highways, shopping malls and housing developments. These are the reasons we want to save the bluebirds. So donate money to Mrs. Doggett's class in the Danville Primary School. Thank you!



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  • A Dog That is Blue

    Posted by Hayden Schledorn on 4/11/2019

    A Dog That is Blue

    BY: Hayden Schledorn


    “Woof Woof” Blue is barking because he is lost. He was on a walk with his owner. Blue slipped out of his leash. He ran fast into the forest. It was scary because he was all alone. He started to walk home. Do you know what he heard? He heard his sister! “Let's go home!” his sister said. “Okay!” said Blue. So they did. The End!



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