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Wall of Pride Induction

 Our committee’s mission is to:

  • Recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of outstanding members of our school community, DHS alumni and DCSD educators.
  • Reconnect and maintain relationships within the DCS community.
  • Celebrate members of the school community while recognizing that DCSD encompasses many smaller communities that surround the Village of Dansville.

The 2023 inductees are: Induction Program

  • Tom Acomb
  • Wilfred J Rauber
  • Kent Rounsville
  • Thomas P Wamp

The 2021 inductees are: Induction Program

  • Carl F Allen
  • Brigadier General Allman T. Culbertson
  • Dr. William A Seymour
  • Jon H Shay

The 2019 inductees are: Induction Program

  • Jennifer Welch Brushafer
  • Jane Schryver
  • C. Arthur Seymour
  • Paul E. Wamp, Jr.
  • Mike Welch

The 2018 inductees are: Induction Program

  • Susan DeMuth
  • Dr. Joan Flender
  • Dr. William M Packard
  • Lynn E Pickard
  • E. Philip Saunders

The 2017 inductees are: Induction Program

  • Nicholas H Noyes
  • Helen M Pratt
  • Afshan (Affie) Qureshi
  • Dr. Sohail Qureshi
  • Thomas J Rauber, Sr

The 2016 inductees are: Induction Program

  • Colonel Kevin R Dunlop
  • Robert F Hart
  • William F Kelly
  • Harold A (Tim) Shay

The 2015 inductees are: Induction Program

  • Alice Burdick
  • Albert Hawk
  • Barry Haywood
  • Colonel Kevin Mastin
  • Thomas Reilly
  • Clare Van Durme