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Instructional Technology Information

In Dansville CSD we always aspire to be Leaders in Technology for Learning. We constantly strive to make sure our students and staff are empowered to adapt to our rapidly changing society, and to ensure that all are able to create, access, exchange, and and analyze information. Through the use of SMART Bond funds and careful budgeting, we have been able to establish, maintain and expand our 1:1 learning environment.  Our goals in technology for 2023-24 are:

  1. Increase equitable access to high-quality digital resources and standards-based, technology-rich learning experiences both in school and away from school.
  2. Sustain and Expand safe, responsible, and educational technology use through continued and enhanced Digital Citizenship, Technology Skills, and STEAM curriculum PK-12.
  3. Enhance the Cybersecurity infrastructure to provide the safety and security of all while simultaneously bringing the world of learning to our students.
  4. Maintain and support DCS PK-12 1:1 device environment, robust network, and all supporting equipment and software

As the educational world has become more digital, concerns about student data privacy have been raised and NYS has implemented many new protections under a law referred to as "EdLaw2d".  There is a section below on parents' rights regarding student data privacy.  In addition, staff are trained annually in the importance of protecting personal and private information (PPI). The Dansville Data Protection Officer is the superintendent.

More information on all things technology is available in the DCD Master Technology Plan (Link on the District Technology Main Page here and at each school site). The plan has been updated in 2022 and covers a 3-year period from 2022 to 2025. 

Finally, we have provided information on our SMART Bond expenditures in the SSIP (linked on the District Technology Main Page.  If you have questions or would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Director of Curricuum, Instruction & Technology (585) 335-4000, ext. 2304 or 

Technology has the capacity to enhance our lives and open up unimagined career and life changes.  It can also derail us from those positive career and life changes.  And so we strive to teach and exemplify Digital Citizenship.  "Not long ago, the term "digital citizenship" connoted cyberbullying, privacy, safety, and security. Over the years, the term has grown to encompass so much more, such as empowerment, community, and collaboration. Check out our Digital Technology resource site:

Here’s a great site for Digital Citizenship resources for parents and educators: 

Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Resources