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    Components of the District K-12 Counseling Plan:

    Foundation: Overview of the district's demographics, initiatives, goals and plan to serve the needs of our students

    Management: Overview of activities to meet state SEL and CDOS standards

    Note: Specific lessons, activities, and assessments can be obtained upon request.

  • School Counseling Department Mission Statement: The Dansville PK-12 School Counselors collaborate with educators, parents, and community members to support and encourage all students to exemplify the drive, capability and compassion to achieve their full academic, career, social and emotional potential. 


    Objectives of the PK – 6 Counseling Services 

    • To assist and help prepare students to participate effectively in the educational process
    • To assist students in effectively interacting with peers and adults within the school community 
    • To help students gain an understanding of themselves and others
    • To assist students who exhibit attendance, academic, adjustment and/or behavioral difficulties 
    • To help students cope with outside influences that may be impacting their learning
    • To encourage parental involvement
    • To provide and model a safe, caring and encouraging environment for students and staff
    • To create and encourage awareness of students own likes/dislikes and the world of work