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Summer Youth Program 3rd-8th Grades

Looking for a No-Cost summer program? The Summer Youth Program is open to youth 3rd through 8th grade interested in learning great skills to empower them to become stronger individuals. We will play fun and interactive games that focus on topics such as being a good friend, social skills, communication, self-esteem, confidence, problem solving, anger management, and support in effectively coping with anxiety, and much more – at NO COST..


Looking for a rewarding way to build your resume, college application, community service profile, etc? Peer Mentoring is an opportunity for youth leaders to provide positive role-modeling for younger youth and demonstrate tools of success. Open to TEENS 14-17.

All Peer Mentor applicants will participate in a personal interview with CASA staff prior to selection. Please complete the below section and submit the completed form to Melissa Kelley. *For more information, please call (607) 738-7682 or email 1peer mentor flyer