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Tinker Day!!


We had over 40 families in attendance at Saturday's first ever Family Tinker Day! Students were welcomed by receiving a passport to kick off their adventure! They could then travel to a variety of stations around the primary school building including, getting a passport stamp after visiting each spot: Santa's Craft Workshop (making DIY reindeer ornaments and elf traps!); Inspiration Station (aka sensory zone!); Architect Arena (tinkering at the maker space, letters to Santa and a new Lego table to try out!); Inventor Zone (engineering kits); and Coding Experts (students got to experiment and play with three different robots we have!) Lastly, families could go on a QR Code journey finding Santa around the building and learning about Santa traditions around the world. It was a day of fun, exploring, and family time! We have already started planning our second Family Tinker day! Hope to see even more families there!

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