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Fun Activities Happening Around DPS


Here at the Primary School we have had some fun activities happening during the month of January.

One activity included learning through QR codes. The students took their devices and walked the halls in search of QR codes to scan. Each QR code was designated to connect to their classroom MLK Jr. lessons for kindness, love, using your words. Which included MLK Jr. stories, kindness songs and stories, empathy and perspective stories, confidence and anti bullying songs. These lessons are connecting to the kind of qualities we encourage in our students.

We also had engaged learning happening in Mrs. Doggett’s class. The students are learning about hypothesis and results through hands on learning activities. One student stated “This is a great, I did not think my result would turn out the way it did.” She predicted the car would go faster on the carpet compared to the floor and she also stated the angle on the ramp made a huge difference.


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