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Coding & Cupcakes


On February 9th, there was a Coding and Cupcakes Event held in the Dansville High School Library for girls in grades 3PK -12th. The event included cupcakes to enjoy, Kano Computers, Cubletes, Cubetto, Osmos, offline coding activities, Lego Boost, Scratch, a walking algorithm game and much more. In classrooms with the right levels and support along with, holding events, we will see more young women ready and able to complete tasks and innovations in technology. Recent research by Accenture conducted in partnership with GM and GWC found the percent of women in the workforce employed in computing tasks has dropped from 37 percent to 24 percent between 1995 and today. (Diversity in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math Magazine) The hope is that through activities like these provide an opportunity for girls and that trend can be reversed, leading to a potential tripling of women in computing fields over the next decade.


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