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The Heart Healthy Challenge is Here!! With a Side of Spaghetti!



The children and adults at Dansville Primary are excited to get our Heart Healthy Challenge Started! This initiative formally known as Jump Rope for Heart is a school district annual commitment to healthy living for children. This health conscious initiative is all about education as the goal for defending against the number one killer in the United States...heart disease.
The learning is focused on healthy living choices, drinking lots of water, exercise, getting good sleep, staying away from second hand smoke, keeping your sodium intake down and eating a colorful diet with many different healthy eating choices. We will be focused on loving and being ourselves and taking care of the unique person we are. 

We at DPS will be working as a team students and teachers with some STUPENDOUS incentives. There will be a "Spaghetti on Your Head" incentive. The children of Dansville Primary with every 5 dollars donated will get to choose between P.E. teacher, Coach Grimsley and Principal, Mr. Dixon to get a bucket of spaghetti dumped on their head at our Heart Healthy Assembly in March.  Along with this incentive some teachers have stepped forward to take a bowl of spaghetti dumped on their head for the top classes at each grade level to help raise awareness and reach our fundraising goal of 3,000.00 dollars. The incentives are as follows. 


#1 Fundraiser: Will Spaghetti Either Mr. Dixon/Mr. Grimsley


#2 Fundraiser: Will Spaghetti Either Mr. Dixon/Mr. Grimsley


Top fundraiser Class in school: Choose 4 Teachers


Top Pre-K Class = 1 Teacher


Top Kindergarten Class = 1 Teacher


Top 1st grade Class = 1 Teacher


Top 2nd Grade Class = 1 Teacher

Help us and your child to make this a great community wide event! Ask your child to teach you about all our Heart Healthy initiatives this month covered in our daily P.E. classes with Coach Grimsley.