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Heart Healthy Challenge Assembly


The Healthy Heart Challenge at the Dansville Primary School was a HUGE SUCCESS thanks to our awesome faculty, children and community! The school made a common goal of raising 3,000 dollars to help families and children with heart conditions through the American Heart Association. We were lucky enough to have an amazing representative Ms. Ramona Englebrecht VP, Youth Market—NY & VT join us for our School Wide Event held in the High School Gym March 8th. As a school community we actually exceeded our goal raising $3,300.00 and we were so honored she could attend and encourage us!


In conjunction with the detailed program provided by the American Heart Association taught within the P.E. classes by our INCREDIBLE P.E. teacher Coach Marley Grimsley, we had some pretty silly incentives to meet our fundraising goals. With Teachers, Coach Grimsley and EVEN our School Principal Mr. Dan Dixon getting "spaghettied" for the top fundraisers in the building. We owe a huge thank you to all volunteers who agreed to have spaghetti dumped on their heads. We also need to thank the AMAZING High School technology students led by Mr. Kevin Geiger who built an unique spaghetti dump system that allowed the children to be successful. One more BIG thank you to Tracy Gregorius for helping with the organization of this before, during and after the assembly!


A HUGE Congratulations to Top Sellers Mason and Kinsley Sauerbier and Lydia Mann raising over 400 dollars each towards our goal. YOU ROCK!!  We appreciate ALL donations given by our community and we want to thank you for supporting our students in learning about how to give to others and work towards a community wide cause.  Our top ten sellers were:


  1. Lydia Mann 410.00
  2. Kinsley Sauerbier 400.00
  3. Mason Sauerbier 400.00
  4. Seely Gibbs 203.00
  5. Caden Alford 150.00
  6. Kyle Loosey 103.00
  7. Declan Hasler 100.00
  8. Ava Hasler 100.00
  9. Ava Coburn 95.00
  10. Sapphire Browning 85.00


Thank you to the American Heart Association for sharing such a wonderful program and providing amazing materials and incentives as well as teaching us about healthy lifestyles to help us grow. We must thank all volunteers that were a part of the process also we could not have done it without you.  


For More information about this program or programs like this please request to follow Kids Heart Challenge on Facebook. #WYNHeart  #HeartROC and #KidsHeartChallenge


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