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Students In The Primary School Learning About Computer Science & Robotics


In the STEAM Lab, Ms. Petrillo started the year off strong with learning about technology, how to be a good digital citizen, and how to respectfully use it as a learning tool. From there she moved the lesson into learning about computer science and all the working pieces that come with learning about how computers work in our everyday lives. Some of the students have discovered new things they want to try when they become older and changed their way of thinking. A second-grader stated, "I am mind blown, my whole thinking about working on the farm when I grow up has changed and now I want to learn more about how I may improve a farmer's life with technology." Here are some pictures of the students learning hands-on through FIRST LEGO League (FLL & FLL Jr.), VEX, Computer Science components (through lessons), OSMO, Kano Computers, LEGO Boost, CodeSpark, and SPHERO. They are still exploring these areas along with how technology affects their everyday lives, what it looks like or does not look like with it.  


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