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Jump The Snake Competition Video & Photos


We had our Second Annual Jump the Snake competition. Winners from each classroom got to compete for a grade-level championship title. To make the atmosphere even more exciting, each competitor was able to bring two classmates as a cheering section.


Below are the winners from the jump the snake qualifiers yesterday for each classroom 


Zakes - Lilly Moore
B. Spoor - Leia Deleo
C. Spoor - Madi Vogt (sick) Drew Grimsley (alternate)
Barber - Eloise B. 


Debesitis - Adalyn Hartson
Blodgett - Jaedyn Brunson
Kowal - Nolan Wilson
Troll - Ross Jamison
Dolan - Lucas McCall 


Bennett - Brooklyn Anderson
L. Malone - Peter W
C. Malone - Jamison Appleby
Nielson - Natalie Lavesque
Williamson - Zachary Doviak


Doggett - Ophelia B.
Halbert - Johan Appleby 
Winslow - Harper Ebert
Waldon/Sick - Ava Miller 
Livingston - Zayden Jeffords


The overall winner for each grade


4PK - Eloise Specchio (4th Place)

K - Ross Jamison (3rd Place)

1st - Zachary Doviak (1st Place)

2nd - Ophelia Breidenstein (2nd Place)


Congratulations to Zachary Doviak who was the overall DPS winner!


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