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Parent Update 2/10/21

Hello everyone!

A lot of information is here this week.  I hope you are able to take the time to read it all!

First – next week is Winter Recess. There is no school February 15 through February 19.  This means that your child will not have to log on to any meets or virtual lessons. However, if they are behind in assignments, they are expected to continue working on these.

Next, there is a very important survey linked to this email that families who are currently in the hybrid model are asked to complete. We are working to determine if and how we can have our students return to 5 days a week for instruction. This would only include those students who are currently hybrid. Students who are “fully remote” would remain fully remote.  We are asking hybrid families to complete this survey to let us know your thoughts on this topic. We have to consider your thoughts, space we have in our building and a time line for implementation.  We hope to have your responses by Tuesday, February 16 and I will communicate updates in the future!  the link to this survey is here:

I am also attaching a flyer for a tutoring opportunity through SUNY Geneseo. If you think your child would like extra help or have an older student meet with them, take a look at the flyer. The tutoring sessions are through Zoom. All information is on the flyer.

Some thoughts to consider as we continue to navigate remote learning days. Whether your child is remote every day or in the hybrid model, they have to handle many tasks independently. Teachers work hard to give direction and guidance and then students must complete some things on their own. Please consider the following: 

  • Does your child have a desk/table that is for their workspace?
  • Is the location where your child is doing schoolwork quiet and free of distractions?
  • Is the background free of loud conversations, siblings and pets?
  • Is your child taking part in office hours for help and questions? These are available every day.
  • Does your child have headphones so that lessons can be private and easier to hear? (We have some in our office if you need some)
  • Is your child checking in for attendance AND for class meetings?

All of these things are very important for the success of our students.  Thank you for your help in this.

I hope you have an enjoyable Winter Recess. Spend some time doing fun things!  Please complete the above survey so that we have this valuable information.

Happy Valentine’s Day and stay warm!

Lisa Allen