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Parent Update 4/28/21

Hello EBH families!

We are nearing the end of April already and that is so hard to believe!  We have many plans for the rest of our year and it will come quickly. This week’s update is a bit brief but I wanted to keep you informed about a few things.

We have the NYS Math test on Monday of next week. Students will take the multiple-choice portion of this test and it is only 1 day.  The ELA test went very well and I am proud of our students for doing their best. I am certain that we will see the same effort on the Math test.

Our PE teachers continue to show their creativity this year. They are working on plans for a COVID friendly Olympics at the end of the year. We want this event to be able to occur in some format as students really look forward to it!  They are also going to start including some valuable First Aid instruction as well as what CPR is and what compressions are like.  They will take a few minutes in each class to share useful information and students will even have the chance to try CPR compressions on a mannequin. I am very glad we can offer this to our students as many go home alone for a bit at the end of the day or help watch younger siblings. What a great idea!

Next Tuesday is National Teacher Appreciation Day.  Please consider having your child write a note, make a card or send an email to their teacher to express what they appreciate about him/her. These types of things can really brighten a day! If your child would like to do this, they can share their note, etc any day next week! 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Lisa Allen