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Posted by: Wendy Haynes

To set up an open forum to discuss uses, advantages, disadvantages to AAC and assist staff and parents on how to get started

For those who are not very familiar with Augmented or Assistive Commincation (AAC) below are the two types of systems that are used inplace of verbal communication.

Types of AAC 

Do you or your loved one have difficulty talking? There are options that might help. There are two main types of AAC—unaided systems and aided systems. You may use one or both types. Most people who use AAC use a combination of AAC types to communicate.  

Unaided Systems  

You do not need anything but your own body to use unaided systems. These include gestures, body language, facial expressions, and sign language.  

Aided Systems 

An aided system uses some sort of tool or device. There are two types of aided systems—basic and high-tech. A pen and paper is a basic aided system. Pointing to letters, words, or pictures on a board is a basic aided system. Touching letters or pictures on a computer screen that speaks for you is a high-tech aided system. Some of these speech-generating devices, or SGDs, can speak in different languages.  

Other Resources 

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Here is another good resource for implementing AAC in the Classroom


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