What other precautions are being taken in the primary classrooms?

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There will be many unfamiliar experiences: new routines, schedules, and guidelines. Especially for young students, it’s going to be challenging at best to adjust to wearing masks for extended periods.

  • Parents can help by getting their kids used to wearing masks for increasing intervals even before school begins.
  • Teachers will be purposeful about creating classroom routines to ease any embarrassment, discomfort, worry, or anxiety students may have about wearing masks. Many of our students will not walk in already accustomed to wearing masks, so routines and predictable structures can help them feel calm and ready to learn.
  • A letter to parents outlining class procedures and routines will ease their anxiety and that of their kids. Teachers can also use this letter to invite parents to share the celebrations and challenges their children have experienced over the past several months.
  • These are some questions teachers and parents can use in the first week or two as students get used to their masks and each other.
  • How does a mask protect us?
  • Do you know of any superheroes that wear masks?
  • Maybe we could all decorate our own paper masks? What colors, shapes, and designs do you want on your mask?